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Anniversary Gifts

A marriage anniversary is a very important occasion for a couple. It symbolizes another year spent together with your life partner. At times you might feel that marriage is not an easy commitment, but then you realize how much it fulfills you as a person. So if you love your spouse then give them one of the unique anniversary gifts this year to celebrate the anniversary. Take a little extra time to show them how much they mean to you.
These gifts add a wonderful touch to it because it is the manner in which you give a gift rather than what you are giving. So no matter what you have thought of gifting your spouse this year, you can add a personal touch to it by getting a love message engraved on it. But, if you are still blank about what to get this year then here are some ideas for marriage anniversary gifts to get you started:
For Him
Pampered Grape Deluxe Single Bottle Wine Box Set: Get your husband not just any wine bottle box, but the one with beautiful craftsmanship, gold satin lining – a classy way to gift a wine. You can add a special touch to it by choosing a wine that is as old as the year of the anniversary. Your husband will truly appreciate this wonderful gesture. This is among the good gift choices.
Metro Leather Wallet and Money Clip: This might be a very common gift, but it still carries its charm. Gift your husband a metro leather wallet with his initials or his name engraved on it. Place inside a picture of your family just to make it a little extra special for him.
Novelty Boat Cufflinks: Among Marriage Anniversary Gifts, cufflinks are a good choice. Now you can easily order classy novelty boat cufflinks for your husband and get nautical.
Gold Plated Pocket Watch: Men absolutely love a good watch. So buy a good watch for your husband.
For Her
Imax Monroe Jewelry Box: Don't women just love jewelry boxes? So get her a silver-handled jewelry box with her name and marriage anniversary date engraved on the top. It will be something to be cherished forever among other gifts.
Large Pewter Heart Locket: Every woman loves pendants and lockets. It's her best friend. So gift her a large pewter heart locket with a beautifully engraved message on it. It will be one of the best anniversary gifts that she will always carry with and will always remind her of you. Women simply love such gestures.
Jewelry: Among unique personalized gifts, jewelry ranks right at the top. You can buy a pendant or a bracelet and get a personalized messaged engraved on it. Something that she can wear all the time and will keep reminding of the love with which you gifted it to her.
You may have heard over the years that there are different types of gifts that are customary to give on each wedding anniversary, depending on the number of years of marriage. For instance, among anniversary gifts, traditionally the first anniversary is occasion for a paper gift and the second cotton, while the fifth anniversary is the perfect milestone for giving a gift made of wood. Under this traditional anniversary gift giving paradigm, the gifts tend to be more valuable as the years go on, with the tenth anniversary gift reaching the splendor of tin or aluminum and the fifteenth anniversary being a gift of crystal. And only after a quarter of a century of marriage do the gift types begin to suggest jewelry, starting with the beautiful precious metal silver on the twenty-fifth anniversary. The precious metals and fine gems take over from there, with the traditional fortieth anniversary gifts being ruby, the forty-fifth sapphire and the fiftieth gold. After sixty years of marriage, the traditional anniversary gift is a diamond, a highly valuable gem representing stability and longevity.
These days, of course, most spouses tend to deviate from the traditional gifts completely. Instead, many people opt for giving gifts more luxurious than the customary paper, tin or cotton, and men often give jewelry for gifts long before the twenty five year milestone. Someone has even composed a modernized version of the traditional gifts giving decree, updated with diamonds appearing for multiple anniversaries and suggestions overall reflecting more valuable gifts. Regardless of whether you adhere to a traditional series of anniversary gifts or not, gifts are meant to reflect the sentiment that you are celebrating.
Gifts are a personal gesture, and one that can leave people feeling particularly pressured to come up with the perfect idea. Perhaps this explains why the traditional anniversary gift list originated in the first place. Many will argue that a gift such as a brilliant ruby or diamond ring would make any woman happy, and for the most part this may very well be true. But the most important aspect in giving an anniversary gift is that the gift reflects what you think would make the other person happy. The choices available for anniversary gifts are immense. For some people, diamond eternity rings make the perfect gift, for others it may be tickets to an event, or just a home cooked meal. You are the one person who knows your spouse better than anyone else, and the perfect gift idea is one that reflects that.


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